Diesel Generating Set


Power: 24-120kw
Radiator: 40℃ max
Fans: are driven by belt, with safety guard
Charge alternator: 24V
Alternator: brushless single bearing alternator
IP 23, Insulation class H
Filter: dry type air filter, fuel fitler, oil filter

BOBIG-WEICHAI series generator sets adopt 4105&6105 series engines produced by ShanDong HuaFeng Engine Co., Ltd. ShanDong HuaFeng Engine Co., Ltd. is one joint-venture invested by three companies in domestis and overseas, engaging in production, trade and scientific research; 4105&6105 series engines have more fine performances including low oil consumption, high reliability, easy to start etc.

Generally the generators adobt our company's WTW series brushless three phase synchronous generator(the characteristic and technical data see the section"Generators in industry"). If the customer requires that also could adopt TFX series compound excitation generator or STC series third-harmonic excitation generator or other generators.

The generator set is made up of diesel engine, synchronous generator, control system, radiator and other accessories, and the control system is made up of volt meter, frequency meter, a.c. ampere meter, d.c. ampere meter, water temperature meter, oil temperature meter, oil pressure meter, fuel meter, contoller for protection, transfer switch system and other accessories. Different starting type including manual&electric&automatic Transfer can be selected by our customer.

The generator sets also can adopt fuel box at bottom, contoller with four protections(high water temperature, high oil temperature, low oil pressure, over speed);also can design for silent, fully automatic transfer and automatic parallel system.