Air Cooled Diesel Generating Sets


Rated output: 20KW to 75KW
Rated voltage: 400V / 230V
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated speed: 1500/1800rpm
Starting type: Electric starting
Cooling model: Air cooled

DEUTZ is a worldwide known company associated with quality, unbelievable reliability and legendary durability. Now experience these features in our in-house developed power generating sets with air-cooled diesel engines of the 91x-series. The new product spectrum of Air-cooled Diesel Gensets (ADG) covers the closely meshed power range from 28 to 152 kVA (at cos phi 0,8) for main power frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz.

While developing the technical concept, we aimed at realizing the following benefits for our customers:
prime and continuous power supply
low operation costs
compact configuration
application under extreme conditions
lowest effort in maintenance
best value for money

The technical concept is based on a three platform strategy. One platform each for three, four and six cylinder engines. The innovative and high functional design is fully aligned to the specific benefits of air-cooled DEUTZ engines. Thus we have realized a much compacter configuration compared to the competition.

Technical Concept

Leading edge design
Well known air-cooled engine (DEUTZ 91x-series)
Most competitive alternator (4 pole single phase synchronous generator ... Marelli)
Best controller in class (Deif GC-1F)


Main Benefits

Soundproof Gensets for extreme environmental conditions
High functional and exciting modern industrial design
Trouble free cooling system – air neither cooks nor freezes
Minimized effort for maintenance – low operation costs
Optimized service accessibility
Prime and continuous power supply
High capacity fuel tank for an maximum of autonomy


Features of the alternator

4 pole three phase synchronous alternator
Protection degree: IP 23
Auxiliary winding
Uninterrupted short-circuit current > 3 x nominal current with auxiliary winding
Total harmonic distortion (THD) < 2%
Optimized voltage drops (typically about 16 – 18% when applying full load)
Automatic voltage regulator
Low speed protection
Over excitation protection
Tropicalisation as standard
Radio interference: Class B Group 1 – EN55011
Die casted aluminium housing or fabricated steel housing
..Cast iron end shields
New design and mechanical solutions
Terminals for connection of an external potentiometer
Fully insulated in order to maintain high reliability even with high level
..of .humidity, dust and salt atmosphere.